About us

CROmed Research and Services Ltd. is a dynamic, research oriented enterprise offering solutions in biomedicine and imaging.
We have wide experience in many research areas. Our team and ideas work together for your success. Read More…

  Mission and vision

Our company is run by scientists and we strive to give all necessary clues to your succesful discovery and development. As we are a partner with ideas, we bring new insights to study planning and data management of our partners. Read More…


CROmed as a science-based enterprise partners with high-level academic institutions in Europe, Asia and the US. We develop new imaging tools, image analysis methods together. We have access to latest radiopharmaceuticals and fluorophores and we share scientific output. Read More…

Our Events

CROmed takes part and has oral and poster presentations at the PSMR 2018 Conference in Italy, 21-23 May 2018.

Related Publications

Cellvizio- Fibreoptic imaging:
Tumor growth, angiogenesis, cell adhesion:
Netrin-4 promotes mural cell adhesion and
recruitment to endothelial cells





Our Projects

Look at some of our images here.

Eshan Kings mouse ES-LAD rCR2 02
Capiscum 477
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