PET (Positron Emission Tomography) is the gold standard of exactly quantitative in vivo imaging methods. It is of the highest sensitivity amongst any imaging modality.
Our facility for preclinical PET combined with MRI makes us able to provide precise answers for effectivity, toxicity, pK, pD, receptor density, biodistributional questions.

CROmed advantages in PET/MRI studies are

  • Dynamic studies with very high temporal resolution (subsecond)
  • Sub half mm³ PET volumetric resolution
  • One step PET/MRI acquisition with automatic image coregistration
  • Biodistributional studies with mm resolution
  • Wide array of MR sequences for dynamic regional perfusion imaging, quantitative 3D contrast mapping and water diffusion/cellularity imaging
  • Extended collaboration network of experts

We also realize PET discovery studies and detailed quantitative in vivo images to follow up biochemical processes. For images please see our Image Gallery. For more details please Contact Us.