CROmed provides preclinical and clinical in vivo studies usually based on radiolabeled molecules or optical imaging. We also organize studies for our clients in 17 countries.
Our main areas are oncology, central nervous system, inflammation, cardivascular diseases, rheumatoid arthritis. For more details please sign in.

We have divided our expertise areas into divisions:

    • Preclinical in vivo imaging in general
    • Antibody Imaging
    • Biomarker Imaging
    • In Vivo Fibre Optic Fluorescence Microscopy
    • Nanoparticle Development and Imaging
    • Clinical Phases

Our special knowledge gives our partners the possibility to build up discovery / biodistribution projects from the idea to the expert study report phase. We usually manage labeling and radiochemistry in even the most difficult scenarios for customized organ/cell function measurements and perform those measurements in time.

Methodology for imaging in our laboratories is essentially translational in nature meaning the same modality and labeled substance is either used already in the clinic or can be directly taken to the clinic without substantial changes.

We offer other services for our clients working with animals, as we are official distributors of VetEquip Inc. and  Starr Life Sciences. Please find more information under the detailed menu.